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  Hiking in Maine:

Popular hiking trails in Maine:

In Maine there are a variety of hiking options available. We have difficult trails that are above treeline, we have trails that meander through cool pine forests, and we have trails that run along Maine's rugged coast.

This is list of a variety of trails Maine has to offer. This is certainly not a complete list and we encourage you to send us a trail description, picture, or a story of your venture into the Maine woods.

Mount Katahdin and Baxter State Park:

Katahdin is Maine's highest peak and one of the most challenging on the East Coast. The mountain is 13 feet shy of a mile in height but it is very exposed and the weather can change quickly. One of the biggest challeges of the mountain is when you start your starting elevation is 600 feet and most trails rise quickly. On average they rise 2,000 feet every 2 miles of trail. Mount Katahdin is also the northern terminus of the Applachian Trail. Being on the top of Mount Katahdin when a hiker is completing the entire length of the Applachian Trail is quite a sight to see. If the challenge of Katahdin is not up your alley there are plenty of trails within Baxter State Park and the 200,000 acres that comprise the park. With the large number of campgrounds available within the park, day hikes to a variety of peaks are available.

Camden Hills State Park (midcoast)

This low set of mountains are located within the towns of Camden, Rockport, and Lincolnville. They offer some outstanding views of Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The highest mountain in this group is Mount Megunticook at 1,380 ft has a great spot to view Penobscot Bay called Ocean Lookout. The trail begins at the Camden Hills State Park Headquarters and gradually climbs 1.4 miles to the lookout. There are parts of the trail which are steep. There is a 5.4 mile loop trail that can be accessed from the state park headquarters. Skiing and snowmobiling trails also exist in the park.

Grafton Notch State Park (Western Maine)

The park has 3,100 acres close to the towns of Newry and Grafton. There are many scenic areas and short walks in the area. Step Falls which consist of water cascades that drop 200 feet can be found along Maine route 26. Screw Auger Falls can also be found along route 26. One mile north of Screw Auger Falls along route 26 is Mother Walker Falls which has some great short trails and overlooks. Looking for a challenge? Old Speck mountain might be for you. It is the third highest mountain, at 4180 feet, in the state. You will find the trailhead along route 26, which is a well signed parking area. Follow the Old Speck Trail, which is also the Applachian Trail. The trail gradually climbs and crosses a few trails along the way. At the top of Old Speck you will find an observation tower.

Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor Region)

Mount Desert Island has a well maintained and well marked network of trails. It is also home to the famous Carriage Trails. There are 120 miles of networked hiking trails and 50 miles of carriage trails. Contact the National Park Service for detailed trail information.

Gulf Hagas (Katahdin Region)

Gulf Hagas has been deemed the "Grand Canyon of the East" and offers hikers some fabulous views. Gulf Hagas is located in an area of land managed by the North Maine Woods Group. To access the area by car there is a dirt road off Route 11 north of Brownville Junction which heads into an area called the Katahdin Iron Works. There is a gate at the Katahdin Iron Works site, which is a restored blast furnace and kiln of a once thriving iron mill. There is a fee charged at the gate and proceed up the working logging road to the well marked trailhead/ parking lot. From the parking lot you will proceed a short distance and promptly cross the Pleasant River. There is no bridge here so be prepared to cross about 100 feet of knee deep water. This crossing is not reccomended during spring run off. There is a bridge down river. Once you cross the river proceed along the Applachian Trail. You will gradually rise and intersect the trails that make up the Gulf Hagas loop. You will also find an area up here called Screw Auger Falls. You can also proceed north on the Applachian Trail toward Whitcap Mountain.

Sally Mountain (Jackman Region)

If you plan to be in the Jackman region try a day hike to Sally Mountain. To find the trailhead locate a dirt road off US Route 201 and directly opposite the Maine route 15 intersection. follow the dirt road 3 miles to where it intersects a stream that connects Wood and Attean ponds, and a railroad track. Park here and follow the railroad track west 1.8 miles to a signal post #770 the trail can be found on the south side of the tracks. The trail begins fairly level but rises sharply to the summit. Excellent views of the Jackman region can be found here.

Pleasant Mountain (Fryeburg)

This hiking experience offers some scenic views of the White Mountains and south toward the coast. This trip is popular with camp groups and families. You can find the trailhead seven miles east of Fryeburg on US Route 302 on a side road named the Warren Road. On this side road stay right at all road intersections until you reach a farmhouse 1.2 miles from Route 302. The trail is well marked and climbs steadily to the summit 2.5 miles away.

Aroostook State Park - Quaggy Jo Mountain

This mountain is an excellent side trip if you happen to be camping in the state park. The trail starts by the playground in the park and rises sharply to the north peak. From the top you can see some great views of "The County" and beyond into Canada.


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